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Our process

Requirements vs. wishes

We begin with your initial set of requirements, working collaboratively to identify your needs and "must haves" and preferences regarding skills and experience. This enables us to offer our insights into the possibilities and obstacles of finding the ideal candidate from the very beginning, while also proposing potential modifications and enhancements. We are with you throughout the entire process.

Quantity, quantity and eventually - Quality

We initiate the sourcing process as soon as the requirement profile is established. In the field of Tech, particularly for software developers, a substantial volume of candidates is often necessary to ensure quality of skills and experience. We source candidates from several markets including our network of 20.000+ profiles. 

Attraction and employer branding 

Headhunting is about reaching out to passive candidates. By conducting a thorough analysis of your current requirements and considering what your organization can offer, we identify the unique selling points (USPs) that set you apart and make you compelling to potential candidates.

Approach and contact

To reach out to each individual in our carefully selected candidate pool we combine a series of consistent strategies with the experience of our headhunters and recruiters. 
One of our primary methods of contact involves direct, personal phone calls, as we consider it a highly effective strategy as a compliment to written communication, such as emails/inmails. 

This approach allows us to effectively assess the candidate's experience and expectations, and identify the best fit for you. We value both your time and the candidate's time, so we prioritize delivering high-quality candidates over X amount of resumes per week. Each presented candidate must be the right candidate!  

"Communication is paramount"

Meaning, communication and project progress go hand in hand: If you want high-performance teamwork, effective communication is a must.
Throughout the ongoing process, our primary emphasis is on maintaining open, consistent communication to keep you informed and engaged. This is what we deliver and also expect from you. Given the fierce competition in tech, building and sustaining relationships are essential to stand out and maintain interest. 

You're up! 

All interested and quality-assured candidates will be presented to you with information on their experience, skills, and contact information for you to proceed with the interview steps that follow. At this step, we provide guidance and insights to you for a successful pre- and (potential)onboarding process, ensuring that the momentum continues even after the contract is signed. 

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